Beauty — and Safety — Begins with the Garage

Updating, fixing, or replacing your garage door is an easy way to keep your family safe and enhance the beauty of your home. Since the garage door is the largest entrance to your house, it’s also a glaringly obvious point of entry for burglaries — in fact, an estimated 9% of intruders enter the home through the garage each year.

Securing your garage is easy — just make sure everything works properly, and immediately replace any broken parts that hinder the garage from opening and closing. Precision offers 24/7 emergency repair service to keep your house safe from theft and your family from injury.

We even offer The Precision Promise, which protects workmanship for up to 5 years.

A secure garage protects your family, and a beautiful garage steals the show. Not only does it enhance the harmony of your home, but it boosts the value.

If you’re thinking about moving soon, don’t neglect the garage! An astounding 194% of the costs of a new garage door are recouped due to the boost in resale value, according to the 2024 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report by Zonda. If moving isn’t in the foreseeable future but you would still like to upgrade your garage, Precision offers plenty of payment options to help you get the garage of your dreams.

In addition to anytime repair, Precision is a leader in garage door design. We offer over 500 colors and a wide variety of styles to suit your home, giving you countless options for customization.

Heighten curb appeal — and security — in your home with a new or overhauled garage door. Most repairs take under an hour and most installations can be completed in an afternoon, so why wait?

While garage doors enhance your home’s curb appeal, they’re also the largest entrance to your home and require strong security measures.