Amarr Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection features four different panel designs allowing you to choose the steel garage door that’s right for your own personal style, matching the theme of your home. They are low-maintenance heavy gauge steel, providing a high degree of durability.

These garage doors can come in single layer (steel), double layer (steel + insulation), or triple layer (steel + insulation + steel) versions depending on your budget and insulation requirements. There are dozens of window options to choose from, from simple rectangular panels to ornate “Trellis” windows. The doors arrive pre-painted in colors ranging from white to mahogany.

Amarr Lincoln Collection

The Lincoln Collection of Amarr garage doors are known for their traditional style and great value. They pair traditional, timeless designs with the durability and efficiency of 2-inch thick triple-layer construction. Offering an astounding 21 choices of decorative windows and four color options, these highly customizable doors are sure to fit the style of your home.

Amarr Hillcrest Collection

The Hillcrest Collection of garage doors offers a custom carriage house look in a variety of colors, with a wide range of decorative hardware (such as stylized hinges and locks) and window styles. But beyond aesthetics, the Hillcrest line also offers triple-layer, 2-inch thick construction and a competitive price.

Amarr Classica Collection

The Classica Collection is a high-end series of garage doors that pair the traditional beauty of a wooden garage door with the modern durability of a steel door. They are precision-crafted steel doors, designed to appear wooden, in classic carriage house styles that go up and down like traditional garage doors. Furthermore, they are based on a three-section design to deliver an authentic traditional carriage house look.

The Classica Collection comes in single, double, or triple layer construction depending on your insulation and durability needs. Additionally, a wide variety of top section, window, hinge, and lock styles are available to match the look of your home.